786. Pennsylvania Mercury, 1 March 17881

Mr. HUMPHREYS, Please to insert the following ANECDOTE, and you’ll oblige a constant reader.

When the bells were ringing in this city, in consequence of the adoption of the New Constitution in Massachusetts, a certain anti-fœderal puff proceeded to Christ-church, ascended to the belfry, and asked why the bells were ringing? On being informed, he very impertinently recommended them to be muffled, as he said it would be better adapted to the occasion, a sturdy Dutchman being present, on hearing the discourse, gave him a few kicks that sent him with amazing rapidity some flights lower, from whence he made his escape, blessing the taylor who had a few days before bemuffled him with a tight pair of breeches, the elasticity of which added as well to his preservation as to the velocity of his descent from the belfry.

1. Reprinted: Winchester Virginia Gazette, 9 April.