790. American Herald, 3 March 1788


A certain diplomatic Character has been very sensibly affected at the use that has been made of an unhappy expression of his, by the Southern antifœderal Scribblers; and in consequence of which he is determined to support the Fœderal Constitution, and to demonstrate to the world that there are distinctions existing, and that the WELL-BORN few ought to govern in all cases.—He is to use his influence to correct and punish that MENDAX INFAMIA from the PRESS which has of late been so conspicuous, to the great discomfort and mortification of his CHICKENS.

We are credibly informed (continues our Correspondent) that the WELL-BORN in a neighbouring State, have it in contemplation to emigrate SOUTH—to partake with their brethren in the harvests on the Delaware,—supposing themselves equally entitled to preferment, &c. notwithstanding the gloomy prospect they have of enslaving their own State.