793. A Federalist
Massachusetts Centinel, 5 March 17881

Mr. RUSSELL, I am one of those who have had doubts of the new Constitution—But on reading in one of the late papers, that Mr. A—— [i.e., Joshua Atherton], a lawyer, of New-Hampshire, was violently opposed to it, I confess that it operated to a total change of sentiment in my mind—for I have always endeavoured to practice in the caution—of avoiding bad company.—I am a Whig in grain—and when I hear a rank Tory, rail at the Constitution as pregnant with tyranny in the extreme, and despotism with a vengeance, who not long ago was extolling the justice of the measures of Britain, to enslave America, I apprehend the principle is not changed; but that he is wishing to prevent the adoption of the system, only because it will put it out of the power of Britain ever to subjugate us.—I have great respect for the opinions of upright, honest men, let them be on which side of a subject they will—but when I see such men as Mr. A. opposed to the Constitution, I must be A FEDERALIST.

1. Reprinted six times by 8 April: N.H. (4), Pa. (1), Va. (1).