803. Massachusetts Gazette, 14 March 1788

Paragraphs from Correspondents.

Some persons have been puzzled to account for the inveteracy of “Milton seeker” against mr. A.—But if they will recur to the last sessions of the General Court they will find a solution of their difficulty. Mr. A—— opposed the seeker in a point he was solicitous to carry, which would have given him his objects without benefiting the state.—“Besides, what communion hath light with darkness!” &c.

It is a heinous offence to hold a Caucus among the various classes of the freemen of this metropolis; but the members of a certain club may convene at the private lodgings of “the HEAD” of a certain Branch, and caucus, cabal and determine upon G——rs, Lt. G——rs, S——rs, &c. with the utmost propriety.

The dark recesses of the dark abode of certain anti-federalists, has again been employed, to hold the dark debates and intrigues of certain dark characters in —— From the Star-Chamber junto, good Lord deliver us!

“CINCINNATI” has too long been made a cat’s paw of, to gull the mechanicks and the yeomanry of this commonwealth by it any more. We have been too often scorched by our confidence in mock patriots. By their works we mean to know them in future.—Fruit we want—Fruit is the word.