804. Massachusetts Gazette, 14 March 1788

MR. ALLEN, A certain Changeling having exerted his talents in the Herald at versifying a letter, occasioned the following, which please to publish.

Long has the world been pos’d to find

A term that’s suited to his mind—

So fickle and so base;

For, changing oft’ner than the moon,

To fix it, you may just as soon,

Define the bounds of space.

When fed’ral system first came out,

He bandi’d round full many a doubt—

He scarce approv’d a letter;

Yet, when he thought the prospect clear,

That in convention he’d appear,

No mortal lik’d it better.

But, varying as the wind that blows,

The people fairly did suppose,

That he might change again:

Hence, in their lists of delegates,

(So will’d th’ inexorable fates)

His name did not obtain.

Now he again is at his tricks,

On him the publick choice to fix—

And as a way t’obtain it,

He swears “amendments” must be made—

And they, forsooth shall have his aid,

If plac’d in fed’ral senate.

Should we the current year be curst

With house and senate of the worst,

His worship gains his point, sir;

But if our suffrages should fall,

On men who’re just and federal,

His plans are out of joint, sir.