805. Elbridge Gerry to Jonathan Hastings
Cambridge, 15 March 17881

When the Convention were sitting at Boston I wrote a letter to Mr Bacon of Stockbridge who informed me it never came to his hand. We have also information of several letters sent from hence he enquired for it when in boston & says that “it had been seen & noticed by several persons who were in ye office, the day that he called for it”. several letters from my friends in Newyork; & also to them have shared ye same fate. as this is a species of robbery nearly allied to highway robbery & in many countries is capitally punished, I am sorry to see it so frequent amongst us & am sure, you will investigate ye matter as ye Culprits are doing a more essential injury to you than they possibly can do to me—

1. RC, Accession No. 20,528 (1991), DLC. For the reply, dated 16 March, see Mfm:Mass. 808.