807. John Hastings to Elbridge Gerry
Boston, 16 March 17881

Your favor of the 15 Inst2 has just come to hand. The letter for Mr Bacon to which you refer I well remember was received & forwarded to Springfield, that being the nearest Office to Stockbridge.

In regard to letter & packetts received from you, as well as those received from other Officers for you, I have been so particularly attentive to their Safety, as to put them into my Desk untill the Mail was dispatched, when they were put up, sealed & lock’t.

Letters have always been kept for your Servant except in one Instance when for the greater Expedition as I judged I deliver’d them to Mr. Stedman who assur’d me they should be duly deliver’d. Since receiving a line from you that no other person but your Servant might have them, due attention has been paid to it.

You may rest satisfied that no letter or Packett to or from you has been lost at this Office. My Clerk can inform you what Special Orders I have given him upon this Subject. I shall pay every attention to your letter, and if you have lost any it must have been at some other Office and not at this.

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2. For Gerry’s letter of 15 March, see Mfm:Mass. 805.