808. Tristram Dalton to John Langdon
Boston, 18 March 17881

The annexed resolution will meet your approbation, as it completes the business on which I had, some time since, the honor & pleasure of meeting you in Committee, appointed by the Legislature of this Commonwealth, on the memorial of several respectable Characters from your State—If any thing further should appear to you necessary to be done, please to advice me by return of Post, & I will endeavour to effect the same—

Length of time, and costly experience, are necessary to induce Legislatures of neighbouring States to act upon truly political general principles—An additional reason among ten thousand others, for embracing the federal Constitution, as the rock of our salvation—

[Enclosure: Resolution on Bonds on Impost Officers, 11, 14 March 1788]

1. RC, Langdon Papers, Portsmouth Athenaeum, Portsmouth, N.H.