810. Esther Sewall to Edmund Quincy
Saint John, New Brunswick, 20 March 1788 (excerpt)1

… I reciv’d from your worthy Grandson—Mr. Ned Quincy a most Charming Letter, which both bespeaks him the Man of sense, and tender feelings—If he’s in Boston, I’ll thank you with my love to apologize for my not writing—by this opportunity—he has promiss to write me soon again—it will be a double obligation which I shall readily acknowledge with Pleasure—when I answere his kind Letter—To be Plague’d as Sister H——k [i.e., Dorothy Sewall, wife of John Hancock] is with Convention, Constitution,—general Courts &c and the Gover[no]r’s indiff[er]ent State of Health—which must be more distresting that anything else—that part of the Drama my dear Sister has to perform—I believe none ever actted with greater propriety—and with less osstentation—Sister H——k never means to write me, so will Say no more about it—

your late rejoicing—upon ratifiing the new Constitution—has—made a respectable figure in our Publick Prints—some approve, while others disapprove. you find it much the Same in the States—according to your News Pappers—I hope it will end in Peice—I forbear writing on Politicks—it being a matter I dont understand enough of it, to write on it with propriety. …

Your affect. Dutifull Daughter

1. RC, Edmund Quincy Papers, MHi.