813. Henry Van Schaack to Peter Van Schaack
Pittsfield, 21 March 1788 (excerpt)1

My dear Brother

… I just heard that the House of Representatives have Resolved to continued the Tender Law, but that the Senate have refused to Concur by a majority of 7. that is 9 to 16. A Motion has been made in the lower house to annul the adoption of the Constitution by the Convention and submit the New System to the people at large—very few in favor of the Motion—This looks well. our Legislature have granted a Tax of £60.000 lawful one third to be raised on the Polls.—The Polls from 16 to 20 years 1/ From 21 to 70 3/— further particulars I have not heared.

How go on your politics?—I hope you have got as well out as I have here. I have my feelings, it is true, but I feel no regret to have others act which I am sure is your case also. I shall go to our Town Meeting for the choice of Governor Lieut Governor Senators and Representatives and when I can make use of due influence in the choice I will do it—undue measures I never will adopt. …

1. RC, Van Schaack Family Collection, Columbia University Libraries.