815. Benjamin Russell to Henry Van Schaack
Boston, 22 March 17881

I have received your very obliging letters, with the names of the Gentlemen who have subscribed for the debates. The work is now published—the price of which to subscribers is 3/4: to nonsubscribers 4/. Those which you do me the favour to send in future, shall be considered as subscribers, as well as those already sent.

Per Stage, by way of Springfield, I have sent you 15 copies. I believe the remittance made through the same channel, (directed to the care of Mess[ieur]s Weld & Thomas, Printers Springfield) will come safe.

with sentiments of the highest respect & gratitude I am, Sir, Your very humbl sert

1. RC, Henry Van Schaack Scrapbook, Newberry Library, Chicago.