817. Henry Jackson to Henry Knox
Boston, 23 March 1788 (excerpt)1

… for the politicks of the day, as to Electioneering, I refer you to the inclosed News Paper—all the Sea-Ports nearly to a man will be in favor of our frind Genl. Lincoln Lt. Govr—and it is the opinion he will be the man chosen—altho great, very great exertion will be made for Genl. Warren.—the only dificulty is, that the Federalist will be divided with respect to Mr. S Adams & Genl. Lincoln, this is what the opposite party are aiming at, and are very industrious to effect, as they know their own strength depends on that point—Mr. Hancock stand firm & well, & will certainly be in the Chair without the least doubt—

The General Court will rise this week to give the members an opportunity to reach home previous to the Choise, it is the wish of the Feds that they may be detained here until after the Election, but they are too cunning for that & are therefore hearring the business for that purpose. …

1. RC, GLC 2437, The Henry Knox Papers. The Gilder Lehrman Collection, on deposit at the Pierpont Morgan Library, New York.