818. Massachusetts Centinel, 26 March 17881

It is with pleasure we inform the publick, that the subscription for building three SHIPS is so far completed, as that the subscribers have chosen a Committee to conduct the building; and that preparations for carrying them on with vigour, are now making at the ship-yards of Messrs. Clark, Rhodes, and Hart, where they are to be built.—The shares already subscribed, are above forty, and many of the gentlemen who have made the first advances, have expressed their determination of advancing still more, should it be found to be necessary. This unequivocal proof of federalism, while it does honour to the cause that can boast such publick-spirited advocates, will be a great relief to a number of our industrious mechanicks, whom the decline of commerce, arising from the imbecility of our national government, had deprived of employment, and reduced almost to want.

1. Reprinted eleven times by 24 April: R.I. (1), Conn. (1), N.Y. (3), Pa. (3), Va. (1), S.C. (2).