822. Hampshire Chronicle, 2 April 17881

Extract of a letter from a member at Court, to a gentleman in West-Springfield.

“There seems to be a general discontent among the members of Court in respect to the adoption of the new proposed Constitution; Convention have been had of the members of the several counties, and have agreed by a considerable majority to recommend to their constituents the hon. Elbridge Gerry, Esq; for Governour—and the hon. James Warren, Esq; for Lieutenant-Governour—and William Lyman, Esq; of Northampton, Mr. Phineas Stebbins, of Wilbraham, Mr. Samuel Fowler, of Westfield, and Mr. William Bodman, of Williamsburgh, for Senators for the county of Hampshire the ensuing year.”

1. The Hampshire Chronicle for 2 April is not extant. The text printed here is from the American Herald, 7 April, the only reprint, where it was printed under a dateline of Springfield, 2 April.