825. Friends to Liberty and Good Government
Massachusetts Gazette, 4 April 1788

MR. ALLEN, By inserting the following, you will oblige a number of inhabitants of this town.

It has been insinuated in one of the publick newspapers, that the persons who lately subscribed for building a few ships in this town, intended to vote for general Lincoln as lieutenant governour, and that it was hoped the TRADESMEN and MECHANICKS would therefore bestow their suffrages upon the worthy general. Is this then the laudable motives that influenced those subscribers, viz. To procure votes for a certain honourable gentleman. The freemen of this commonwealth will despise the idea. The worthy TRADESMEN and MECHANICKS of this town are too wise to be duped by so shallow an artifice—they are not to be deceived by liberal promises of a TRADESMAN’S HALL, SHIPS, &c.—If those promises are fulfilled, they may thank the liberal donors; but never will they SELL their FREEDOM of ELECTION.

With the TRADESMEN and MECHANICKS, and indeed with every friend to the GLORIOUS REVOLUTION in favour of LIBERTY, we are determined to unite in electing these worthy patriots, HANCOCK and ADAMS, to the office of governour and lieutenant governour of this commonwealth.—We say with every FRIEND to the REVOLUTION, for it may justly be presumed that they will not forget their meritorious services.

Boston April 2.