827. Elbridge Gerry to Samuel R. Gerry
Cambridge, 6 April 1788 (excerpt)1

… I am by no means interested in the event of the elections, for I do not conceive that even the office of chief Magistrate is a desirable object. the convulsions of the public augur no good, & happy is the individual who has least to do with them. I expect they will terminate in a civil war & ruin to the country must be the consequence. the proposing me as a candidate for the chair is altogether unexpected on my side, & unsolicited: I have no doubt of the election of Mr Hancock, & if I had, should not think this a fortunate circumstance. I have been ungratefully used by many of my fellow citizens & want not to negotiate any more of their public concerns: nevertheless I shall not shrink from my duty to the public in general, whether in or out of office. …

1. RC, Elbridge Gerry Papers, MHi.