828. Henry Jackson to Henry Knox
Boston, 6 April 1788 (excerpt)1

… tomorrow is the great day in this State. to be—or not to be, is the question—Governour Hancock stands firm & immoveable, no other is talked of to fill the Chair—the Federalist are divided as to Lt. Govr. between our good frind Genl. Lincoln & Mr. S. Adams If we were only united in one of them, we should certainly carry our point,—but at present it is impossible to determine which or if any one will be choosen by the People—I hope Cincin will be the Man—I refer you to the inclosed papers, for the news, and the reigning party spirit, in consequence of the aproaching Election. …

1. RC, GLC 2437, The Henry Knox Papers. The Gilder Lehrman Collection, on deposit at the Pierpont Morgan Library, New York.