829. Samuel A. Otis to George Thatcher
New York, c. 6 April 1788 (excerpt)1

… I have a wish to hear from you, to know what communications you made to the House, How you get along—What the temper of my Countrymen is—Who is to be in & who out—We are here in the old Style, Six States only. Reed & Wadsworth gone home about the time or since your departure; yet it will not do to abdicate the Government. I have reason to fear no adoption will take place this year, and I am in formed the people of Massachusetts are very uneasy, That R I have & N Hampshire certainly will reject. At this moment all hands are parliamenteering. By the time you wish the result may be known. Detail every circumstance, For Trifles are important in connexion with our Country. …

1. Printed: Goodwin, “Thatcher Papers,” 353.