834. Diogenes
Massachusetts Gazette, 15 April 1788

Mr. ALLEN, I have this day been informed, from undoubted authority, that a certain busy minded doctor in a neighbouring town, has lately employed much time in writing and distributing votes, in order to obtain a seat in the senate the ensuing year; and I have just seen a number of them in his own hand writing, sent to the town of Waltham for that purpose. But I hear they treated him in the manner he deserved; two votes only being obtained in his favour.

It is curious to observe how anxious this gentleman has ever been to hoist himself into publick life. But when we consider the part he took during the late war, in subverting the liberties of his country; the part he took in supporting the late rebellion; his secret cabals and dangerous intrigues to prevent the adoption of the new constitution, we have reason to apprehend no good will result from any office he may be called to fill. I would advise him not to rush on too precipitately, lest he suffer the enemy to steal a march, and cut off his retreat: and should this be the case, the greatest MARSHALL courage will not be sufficient to elude the blow.

Cambridge, April 8, 1788.