835. Hampshire Gazette, 16 April 17881

The MOBBERS Confession and Boast.

The Old Republican, with stentors lungs,

Against Conventions pours his acrid gall;

And down the precipice he would them plunge,

And plume himself on their disastrous fall.

Philanthropos, A. B. and many more,

With labour’d eloquence, abet the cause,

Arrange their pompous arguments in store,

Why should we love the rulers and the laws.

In vain they spend their time, their art and pains;

In vain the Printer fill’d the flowing page:

Such reas’nings ne’er will turn a Mobber’s brain,

But fill his heart with madness, scorn and rage.

Lincoln’s and Shephard’s arguments sunk deep,

Brought quick, but short conviction to the mind,

We saw our cause was bad; like frighted sheep

We fled to where we could a shelter find.

But when we saw rulers and Gen’ral Court

Kindly hold forth the olive branch of peace,

Conviction ceased; Finess was our resort;

Our mouths allegiance swore, our hearts redress.

We’ll meet the patriots now on their own ground:

We’ve chose our Governor, Council and our Court;

Such men as will their counsels all confound,

Our plans approve: And soon we’ll give them sport.

We have indeed been plagued by certain laws,

Which were in an ill-fated season made:

But we’ll soon mould them to promote our cause,

And will for all our plagues be well repaid.

The Senate clogg and hamper our designs

This year: But next we’ll make the patriots know,

We’ll lop that useless branch; or prune the vines

Corrupt, whence all our teeming mischiefs flow.

We’ll gain by craft what we’ve by folly lost;

Our darling plans with vigour we’ll pursue:

Our haughty foes shall know it to their cost;

In proper time we’ll render them their due.

Numa may rage and all the scribling train,

That we by craft the government have won:

But all their rage is impotent and vain;

’Tis we alone may boast the feat we’ve done.

Feb. 1788.

1. Reprinted: Massachusetts Gazette, 20 May.