838. Paschal
Massachusetts Centinel, 19 April 17881

Mr. RUSSELL, From the information received from various quarters, it is certain, that the American Constitution will ere long be adopted by the United States, as their system of government—This being the case, it becomes necessary to find out a place whither the antifederalists of the several States, and the “usual majority” of Rhode-Island, may take refuge in—for it will be as utterly impossible that they can wish to live under a just and righteous government, as for the angels of despair and darkness to dwell in the celestial regions:—Now, to find a country, congenial as a country with them as creatures, is the task—the barren wilds of Nova-Scotia are too good for them—and in the fertile regions of the West they will not be permitted to enter—Jamaica strikes me as the best possible place; and to convince you why I give it the preference, I have sent you a nice description of that island, at the same time hoping upon their knowing that such an asylum is prepared for them, they will emigrate to it; and thereby save the expense and trouble of sending them there.


Taunton, April 7, 1788.

1. Reprinted: Charleston City Gazette, 31 May.