844. John Quincy Adams Diary
Cambridge, 25 April 1788 (excerpt)1

I left Braintree between 9 and 10. and stoppd, about half an hour at Genl. Warren’s, he was gone to Plymouth but Mrs. Warren was at home. The Genl.’s political character has undergone of late a great alteration. Among all those who were formerly his friends he is extremely unpopular; while the insurgent and antifederal party (for it is but one) consider him in a manner as their head; and have given him at this election many votes for lieutenant governor.—Mrs. Warren complained that he had been abused shamefully, & very undeservedly; but she thought me too federal to talk freely with me. …

1. MS, Adams Family Papers, MHi. Printed: Allen, JQA Diary, II, 395–96.