853. American Herald, 5 May 17881

A Correspondent observes, that those who advocate the New Constitution, have invariably disgraced themselves by their illiberal abuse and ill-treatment of the characters of those in the opposition, as well as for their knack at shunning every thing which may look like a fair investigation of the subject:—The only defence which has been bestowed on this perfect system of government, is their frequent declarations that it is so, and the indiscriminate defamations of every man that shall dare to oppose it.—This defence is, however, as good as the system will admit of, and has had a considerable effect, because continually sounded through a number of infamous service papers, which are and have been under the entire influence and controul of the most contemptible and unprincipled part of the community.

1. Reprinted: Cumberland Gazette, 15 May; Poughkeepsie Country Journal, 20 May.