854. James Bowdoin to Benjamin Franklin
Boston, 6 May 17881

My dear Friend

Several Gentlemen going to Philadelphia are desirous of the honour of being introduced to your Excellency. Among them is Christopher Gore esqr., a gentleman of reputation in the profession of Law; and, which adds to the worth of his character, a warm advocate of federalism, and of the proposed federal Constitution in particular. He will be able to inform you of the favourable prospects we have in regard to the adoption of that constitution by the State of New Hampshire. We have just heard of its adoption by Maryland, on which occasion the bells of the Town are now announcing ye publick joy.

It is to be hoped the complete adoption of it is not very distant: in wch. case ye United States may expcect to experience ye benefits ensuing from a firm energetick government: on ye. felicities of which I hope to congratulate you a century hence, as well as in ye. course of the present year.

1. RC, Franklin Papers, American Philosphical Society, Philadelphia.