855. Joseph Willard to Benjamin Rush
Cambridge, 6 May 1788 (excerpt)1

… Give me leave to congratulate you, on the prospect there is, that the new Federal Constitution will be adopted. We hope soon to hear that Maryland has erected the seventh pillar. It appears to me, that our political salvation, under God, depends upon our accepting and establishing this Frame of Government. Our national character and internal state have been such, for a long time past, as to alarm every considerate mind, and every well-wisher to his country among us; and if the old Confederation should continue much longer, I can see nothing but ruin before us. May a kind providence avert the evil, and cause the interests of Federalism to increase among the inhabitants of these States, till all shall be of one heart and of one mind!

I have not time Sir to give you a particular account of the present appearances, in this State, respecting federal matters, but must refer you to Mr Hilliard, who will be able to afford you information upon the subject. …

1. RC, Rush Correspondence, Library Company of Philadelphia.