858. William Wetmore to Nathan Dane
Boston, 8 May 17881

I have one moment’s leisure which I embrace to give you ye acct. you desire concerning ye Good General’s election—at present there are nearly 200 votes against him—but we are all at prayers at evening, in ye morning and at noon day for our old, accustomed & refreshing easterly breezes to bring up a decided superiority of votes from Machias, Kennebec rivir &c—you ask why care was not taken as to this business in season—I tell you it was, but it is not possible to make mankind punctual; and one would think that instead of believing with old Vellum in ye play that punctuality & method were ye life of business, men really deemed delay & procrastination the life & soul of all important affairs—The General has clearly a majority of all ye votes if they were returned—and a greater Majority than number of votes he now has than ever was returned before, in any contested election—He is therefore if ever a person was, The man of the people—

The elections are going on for Rept.—Salem has chosen 6 federal men, M. Ward an anti—is not returned—Newb. port will send 4—Theo. Parsons—Jona. Greenleaf, Enoch Sawyer, & Capt Fletcher if possible—Ipsw. 4 good men—John Choate, &c.—the towns in general I think a good majority of them will send very different characters from those of ye last year & from ye opposition in Convention—fearing my letter will fail going by this post unless I conclude it,

[P.S.] How stand ye elections for Convention in Virga. & New York?—

1. RC, Wetmore Family Collection, CtY.