861. Massachusetts Gazette, 9 May 1788

A letter from M——, to P Q.

“Dear Q——, You need be under no apprehensions of our electing GUY FAUX Representative again; the circumstances of his being chosen the last year were rather curious, something in the form of a bite. No matter—thank God, things are no worse: we knew pretty well what his principles were, but had no idea of their precipitating him to such excesses. You may rely upon it, my friend, that the town is not a little chagrined at his conduct, and will never put it in his power to distract our publick councils again. Among many other reasons assigned for the determination to leave him out, the following may be observed.

“1st. He is an Anti-federalist of the first water—and in support of this character, his opposition to the new system is implacable and incessant ever since its adoption by the majority of the largest, freest, wisest assembly that ever was convened to represent the persons, property, wishes, feelings and ideas of this great commonwealth.

“2d. This opposition discovers a total destitution of republican principles—the first of which is that the majority shall govern.

“3d. His barefaced attempts during the last session of the General Court to influence the election through the commonwealth the ensuing year—yea further, parcelling out the honours and emoluments of the government among the Junto of which he is the head, so consequently not forgetting himself; yea further still, circulating his written and PRINTED votes among the people in the most remote parts, without so much as saying ‘By your leave, gentlemen.’

“4th. His making himself the head of the anti-federal and insurgent junto in the legislature; holding nocturnal meetings, making future arrangements, in which neither the names of HANCOCK or ADAMS were thought of—hereby plainly discovering what degree of attention was paid to the people, whom he pretends to venerate. Cataline of old, and other equally famous characters, have in this way shewn what sort of republicans they were.

“5th. We conceive that should Guy get into court again, the hopes of the anti-federalists would revive, for his specious manners are calculated to deceive—besides, he is the oracle of all in that way, And as we wish to see a spirit of union, peace and honesty promoted, with all other federal good things, you may depend upon Guys missing his election.

“Many other articles, of a date not so modern, might be mentioned, but I begin to think you will say the above are sufficient, I doubt not the people here will.

“Adieu, ———“