863. William Pynchon to Samuel Curwen
Salem, 12 May 1788 (excerpt)1

… Good Master Kietting tho’ daily complaining of his poverty is in Circumstances much like yours so that I esteem you two to be the wealthiest persons I know of—his faculties both of mind & of body continue in most excellent Order, his animal spirits so great, & he so irritable, that when raised (as you know he ever is upon the subject of politicks) that he seldom fails to silence those of the neighbourhood who presume to differ from him in Opinion—Neighbour V—— now speaks with unusual diffidence before Mr N—— altho’ Mr. V—— goes Rep.—we have elected six this year R Manning. E Bickford—F Cabot. Vans Esqr. Mr Gray. Pulling Our great folks tell us we are to expect a Govr Hank Lt Govr. Adams a good senate & a federal Constitutn. and that all things will soon be in Order again—but we listen with some Caution as well as attention to those prophecies, taking the Liberty on these Occasions to recollect the Sing-Song-Stories of lasting enjoyment under our own vines & fig trees. …

1. RC, Curwen Family Papers, Peabody Essex Museum, Salem.