866. A Real Mechanick
Massachusetts Gazette, 13 May 1788

Mr. ALLEN, Three months since, the Tradesmen and Merchants of the town of Boston, in GRAND PROCESSION, expressed personally to each of their Delegates in Convention, their highest approbation of their conduct in that body. Yet, notwithstanding this, and to the DEGRADATION OF EVERY THING HONOURABLE IN NATURE will it be told, two of those VERY Delegates have been left out of the list of Representatives for the ensuing year, by a caucus composed of a part (for the honour of the town of Boston it is hoped but a very small part) of those very men who joined in procession to testify their approbation of the conduct of their Delegates. Will the good sense of the town of Boston sleep?—Will the respectable body of MECHANICKS and MERCHANTS give the LIE to sentiments a short time since so publickly expressed? Fly the base idea! Honour, generosity, and their own interest forbids it. They


By Heavens! They most certainly