870. Massachusetts Centinel, 17 May 17881

Extract of a letter from Newton, dated May 13th, 1788.

“Yesterday this town, regularly assembled, made choice of the Hon. ABRAHAM FULLER, Esq. to represent them in the General Court, the ensuing year. The Hon. Judge is truly a man of probity, eminent for his attachment to justice and equity; a staunch friend to the federal Constitution; in fine, to the interest, honour and happiness of his country. It affords pleasure to all the friends of justice and humanity, that so many whom insurrection introduced to office, and who have so inflexibly adhered to its desperate, its infamous cause, are now with conscious guilt, gnashing their teeth; and (however reluctant) obliged to make way for their country’s honest friends.—Thanks to heaven! with us the contagious spirit of insurrection, abased, is concealing its noxious head.”

1. Reprinted in the Essex Journal, 21 May.