871. Massachusetts Centinel, 17 May 17881

On Thursday, the Independent Corps of Republican Volunteers, dissolved—on which occasion the company dined at Mr. Tant’s Coffee-House. After dinner, the following, among other toasts, were drank.

1. The Militia of the Commonwealth—May they never be annihilated, to gratify either ambition or caprice.

3. The late Federal Convention—May the system of government they have recommended be speedily adopted, and may the noise of the hammer soon sound its superiour excellence to that now expiring.

4. Our glory in war—and pride in peace.

5. The sun of Europe—May his heat still continue to ripen the affections of his subjects—as his benign influence nurtured and nourished our infant independence.

9. May the Republican Volunteer Corps, now disbanded, ever remain united as friends and citizens.

10. The Ancient and Honourable Artillery—May it ever be a nursery for the soldier; and may every succeeding officer possess the virtues of its present commander.

11. May the Independent Cadets and Infantry, increase in numbers, and be ever distinguished for the military virtues.

13. Our enemies—the enemies of our country—God reform and prosper them.

1. Reprinted: Pennsylvania Packet, 29 May.