876. New York Independent Journal, 24 May 17881

Extract of a letter from Boston, May 12.

“Our returns for Governor, and Lt. Governor, amount to about 18,000, of which General Lincoln, as Lt. Governor, has about 9000; he wanted but a few of being elected; and it is expected he will be chosen by the legislature. Warren has about 4500 votes for Lt. Governor; the rest are divided between Mr. Adams, &c. &c. Mr. Hancock has 9-tenths of the votes for Gov. Gerry has the remainder.

“This state is purely federal—appropos of federalism—The famous Dr. Spring of Watertown who was of the late convention, and who has been noted for always being on the wrong side of the question, but is a man of some wit, being lately in company in this town, asked a lady on which side she was, fed, or antifed. ‘On the strongest, Dr.’ replied the lady. ‘The former.’ Then rejoined the Doctor, ‘you are not on the right side, nor on the Lord’s side, for he, you know, upholdeth the weak.’ ”

1. This item also appeared in the New York Impartial Gazetteer on 24 May. Reprinted in the Massachusetts Spy, 5 June; Independent Chronicle, 5 June; Hampshire Chronicle, 23 July; and in nine other newspapers by 23 June: N.H. (1), N.Y. (1), N.J. (2), Pa. (3), Md. (1), S.C. (1).