882. Probus
Massachusetts Centinel, 11 June 1788

Mr. RUSSELL, That the prospects of our publick creditors are brightening, is a fact as demonstrable as it is that such an event would be pleasing to every true patriot and federalist. An efficient Constitution is nearly adopted—The Convention which is expected to complete it, is now in session. Add to this the vast fund in our western territory—and then let the voice of infidelity say if it can, that the United States of America have not sufficient ability, not only to discharge all debts, but to lay the foundation of an empire, potent and honourable.—Of the landed fund of the United States, the following account is authentick.

The whole of the immense extent of unappropriated western territory, or vacant, unsettled land, contains 220 millions of acres, and has been by the cession of some of the original States, and by the Treaty of Peace, transferred to the Federal Government, and is pledged as a fund for sinking the Continental Debt.

The publick creditor has, therefore, every prospect of soon being able to realize the reward due to his services in the cause of his country.