886. Providence United States Chronicle, 19 June 17881

BOSTON, June 11.

Yesterday a bill passed the Hon. House of Representatives for lowering the wages of the Members of the Hon. Council to 6s. per diem—of the Hon. Senate to 5s6 per diem—and of the Hon. House of Representatives to 5s. per diem. By this unequivocal instance of patriotism in our political fathers—and from the expected shortness of the session, owing to the happy union of sentiment that pervades that Hon. Body, a saving will be made to the Commonwealth, in this session, of between 4 and 5000 dollars.

(Among those who voted for lowering the Wages of the House of Representatives, we find, the Members from the Towns of Boston, Salem, Newbury-Port—indeed almost all the Federalists.—Among those who voted against the Measure, are the Leaders of the late Opposition to the Federal Constitution.)

1. The first paragraph is reprinted from the Massachusetts Centinel, 11 June; the second paragraph is original to the Chronicle.