888. Jeremy Belknap to Benjamin Rush
Boston, 22 June 1788 (excerpt)1

Your kind favor of May 6 ought to have been answered before now—Instead of an excuse for the delay, of which I could adduce a Number, I will immediately put an end to it, by congratulating you on the erection of the ninth pillar of the national (for Mr Adams says we must not call it federal) Edifice by the State of New Hampshire who passed the Constitution, I believe yesterday, by a majority of 11—46 & 57—so that unless the ancient Dominion has got the start, New-England has the honor of completing the number required for the Establishment of the new Government. We are here growing so candid as to endeavor to abolish the distinction of fed & antifed—Our anti’s have acted on such liberal & truly republican principles that they really merit respect—& our session of the genl Court which ended yesterday has been the most harmonious & peaceable & consequently the shortest & cheapest that we have had for many Years. The Cause of public virtue certainly gains ground & public happiness will follow. America is now in a fair way to see better days than ever. May our gratitude to heaven be in proportion to the benefits & blessings which we receive from thence! …

1. RC, Rush Papers, Library Company of Philadelphia.