889. Tristram Dalton to John Langdon
Newbury, 26 June 17881

With the most sincere thanks for your communication of the account that the Convention of N Hampshire had, on the 19th current, adopted the federal Constitution; be pleased to accept my very hearty congratulations that the Key Stone of the Great Arch is placed—

Virginia, we anxiously hope, will give that Stability to the mighty fabric that the opposition of New York cannot shake it, or the villainy of Rh Island molest—

I have ever thought it fortunate that this Commonwealth came into the Measure by so small a majority—and that New Hampshire Convention adjourned—The Southern States, if any, have reason to move with Caution in this momentuous Business—They see that their Salvation depends upon our Union—and wisely sacrifice the Possibility of suffering in a less Degree to the Certainty of enjoying a proportionate Share of civil Blessings—

What but sinister Views can influence so many Men in the State of New York?

With the most real congratulations on your late Election to the Chair—and respectful compliments to Mrs Langdon—in which Mrs Dalton requests to joyn,

1. RC, Langdon Papers, Portsmouth Athenaeum, Portsmouth, N.H.