894. Bart. Burges
Massachusetts Gazette, 4 July 1788



Around let rebound your cannon, and sound

Your drums and yours trumps on the occasion—

Your banners display, and men fire away

Loud vollies, in commemoration

Of the auspicious day that the tyrant gave way,

To Liberty’s standard emmergent—

In Washington’s hands, 'midst invincible bands,

From despotick foes then convergent.


Around let rebound, &c.


We Americans have gain’d by our arms, and obtain’d

Despight of the proud British nation—

Sweet Liberty’s cause, and indelible laws,

Then, citizens, wish emulation!

Lets all act our parts in improving the arts,

And promoting trade and navigation—

Unanimous be by land and by sea,

In ev’ry sphere and occupation.


Our ships then, like bees, shall swarm on the seas—

Our colours, like new constellations,

Shall, year by year, increase and appear,

In the ports of the most distant nations:

While our ladies at home, engag’d in the loom,

Like the beauties of Sparta and Greece,

Both young and old transmute into gold,

By the shuttle and distaff, the fleece.


Our yeomen know how to drive well the plow,

And like the great Generals of Rome,

Tho’ experienced in wars, can stoop to their ears,

And reap or mow when required at home—

And gaining applause by supporting a cause,

Founded on truth, justice & reason;

We, while the kind earth brings forth at each birth,

Shall enjoy all the fruits of each season.


Then, men for men, shall each citizen,

Adopting the New Constitution,

Behold the increase, in plenty and peace,

Of riches and fame in profusion.

While Union thus crown’d with laurels, and bound

Its constituent parts all together,

By patriot’s hands and equity’s bands,

Will remain indissoluble ever.

July 3, 1788.