896. Independent Chronicle, 10 July 17881

We hear from Groton, County of Middlesex, that, on Friday last, it being the Memorable Anniversary of American Independence, the day was usher’d in by a discharge of Cannon.—In the afternoon Major Farnsworth, with such of his Company of Artillery as could collect; and Capt. Richardson with his Company of Light-Horse, paraded on the Town Common, where 9 Pillars were erected and an equal number of discharges were made from the Artillery, and volley from the Horse, in honor of those States that have adopted the new plan of Federal Government. After which, many of the respectable characters in that town, and some from the neighboring towns, repaired to a Public House, where 13 Patriotick Toasts were announced, under the regular discharge of cannon, and vollies from the cavalry. At the close of which, the concourse of Spectators, expressed their satisfaction by three huzzas.

We were not a little surprised, to find such federal sentiments existing in Groton; since, at a late Town Meeting, a Committee was chosen to give their Representative instruction, that he use his best influence, to have another Convention immediately appointed to reconsider the proposed Constitution. But on better information, find that the most reputable part of that town, are warmly in favor of the Constitution proposed by the federal Convention. That the above transaction took place, at an adjournment of a meeting when, but a small number of voters were collected. At this time, the subject was introduced, by a party, ever jealous of their rulers, and uneasy under any government, but such as would permit them to discharge their honest debts, with a few insignificant rags. A vote being called, 9 were in favor of the motion, 6 warmly opposed it.

1. Reprinted: Boston Gazette, 14 July (1st paragraph); Pennsylvania Packet, 18 July. A different brief account appeared in the Massachusetts Gazette, 15 July.