897. Independent Chronicle, 10 July 17881

At Bridgewater on Friday last, a large number of respectable inhabitants, with several gentlemen from the neighbouring towns, assembled together, for the purpose of celebrating the anniversary of American Independence,—and congratulating each other, on the pleasing information, that nine States had acceded to the proposed Constitution; after spending an hour or two, in friendly and social conversation, the following toasts were drank, under the discharge of thirteen cannon, viz.—

1. The United States of America.

2. The Congress of the United States.

3. May the Union and Independence of America, continue to the latest period.

4. This auspicious Day, and every honest heart that enjoys it.

5. The late Federal Convention.

6. A speedy adoption of the proposed Constitution, by every State in the Union.

7. May virtue, wisdom, justice and moderation, ever charactize the administration of the Federal Government.

8. The Allies of America.

9. May the Commerce of America, be as extensive as her Fame.

10. The Governour and Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

11. Agriculture, Manufactures and the liberal Arts.

12. May unity of sentiment and interest, subsist between the Merchant, Farmer and Mechanick.

13. May the Militia of Massachusetts ever be the guardian of Liberty, and a terror to the Rebellious.

1. Reprinted: Boston Gazette, 14 July; Pennsylvania Packet, 19 July. The Massachusetts Gazette, 15 July, summarized the first paragraph and reprinted toast thirteen.