898. Independent Chronicle, 10 July 17881

“We hear from Norton (county of Bristol) that on the 4th of July instant, being the anniversary of American Independence, the Company of Artillery, commanded by Capt. Ephriam Lane, met at the dwelling-house of Silas Cobb, Esq. at one o’clock, P. M. and after several monœuvres, they proceeded to discharge their field piece thirteen times, and then thirteen vollies of small arms ensued and three huzzas and claping of hands by the company and a large number of spectators; after which the officers retired, with a large number of respectable gentlemen of the town, and from Mansfield, to a room previously prepared for their reception, and drank the following toasts, viz.

1st. The Federal Constitution.

2d. The Congress of the United States.

3d. The American Allies.

4th. His Excellency the Governour and Commonwealth.

5th. His Excellency General Washington.

6th. His Excellency John Adams, Esq.

7th. Those States that have adopted the Federal Constitution.

8th. Arts and Sciences, Navigation, Agriculture and American Manufactures.

9th. May the glory of the Federal State, travel with the Sun, and expire with the Skies.

10th. The Anniversary of American Independence.

11th. The Military department.

12th. The Major-General of the fifth division.

13th. May Peace, Union and Concord pervade the rising Empire, and the whole world.

Thus the day was concluded, to the honor of the officers, and satisfaction of a large concourse of spectators; and notwithstanding what has been said respecting the town of Norton being antifederal, we now are happy to inform the public that a different spirit is prevalent.”

1. Reprinted: Boston Gazette, 14 July; Pennsylvania Packet, 19 July. The Massachusetts Gazette, 15 July, printed a different version:


The memorable anniversary was there celebrated by heartfelt effusions of joy and gladness. Notwithstanding what has been said respecting the anti federalism of the town of Norton, the proceedings of the inhabitants is a convincing proof that a contrary spirit generally prevails among them. At one o’clock, Captain Lane’s Artillery Company met, and having performed a variety of manœuvres, a federal discharge was given, followed by the repeated huzzas of a large number of spectators. The officers, with a large number of gentlemen of the town, and from Mansfield, retired to a room prepared for their reception, and drank thirteen toasts, two of which, the 1st and 9th, are

The Federal Constitution,’ and

May the glory of the Federal state, travel with the sun, and expire with the skies.’ ”