900. Ebenezer Hinds to Warren Association of Baptists
Middleborough, 14 July 17881

Dear Brethren of the association I beg leave to Congratulate you on the return of your annual meeting &c. and pray you would give these lines a hearing and I perswade my Self you will however I submit it to your Superior Sence

1 I pray that you would not make your Selves uneasy on account of the Constitution which we were helpfull in making and are now under: we thought our Selves happy when the people at large had their voice in this matter and especially when we had not only Baptist but ministers in the Convention. were I to Say for one and were my voice worth hearing this is the best Constitution that the Baptist have been under Since the massachusetts began to persue or persicute them; I observe two things no Subordination of Sects every Religious Society hath power to Call—Settle their minister and pay him as they please and no Certifficate Demanded as to the power of Taxation we may depend they will hold it while they are the major

2 I pray the association would advise that the paper war might Come to an end or at Least that there be a Cessation of arms

3 pray Obblitterate the Name of agent for my part I Cant See why the first men in a Religious Community may not do as Saint Paul did Care for all the Churches without taking Rank of their Brethren by an additinal Name but if you think to keep it in the annals of the Association pray Dont let it go into a news paper these from your Brother—Ebenezer Hinds

A true Coppy taken from Eldr. Hindses own hand writing, attest, Isaac Backus

Samuel Nelson

Taken, Middleborough July 14. 1788

1. MS, Isaac Backus Papers, Andover Newton Theological School, Newton Centre, Mass.