903. Mechanick
Massachusetts Gazette, 18 July 1788

Mr. PRINTER, I was very much surprized at seeing in your last the impudent remonstrance of LEONIDAS. Does he pretend to give rules to others without following them himself? I do not grumble at that so much as I do to see him offer to give rules, at some future period, for the whole of the mechanicks. COBLER, GO NOT BEYOND THY LAST: this is an adage peculiarly adapted to the situation of LEONIDAS. “And who was he who got the Constitution down in this state?” The poor man thinks it was himself, but I think not. It was certainly owing to the timely and patriotick exertions of our worthy Governour, who came forward with those conciliatory propositions which the antifederalists called the fatal apple. How then can LEONIDAS with any face ascribe the merit of it to his exertions, and yet call himself a modest man at the same time? All this flummery of your brother editors, Mr. Printer, I am of opinion will come to nought: I hope we shall see through all this caucusing towards the latter end of his place. So, once more, Cobler, go not beyond your last. Accept this as the advice of a