907. Salem Mercury, 22 July 17881

Our patriotick friends, the federal sons of Glo[u]cester (Cape-Ann) we hear, distinguished themselves, in the celebration of the late auspicious anniversary, in a manner that characterizes them as genuine Federalists, while it reflects honour as a town not less than it does individually. An Artillery Company, lately instituted, in neat and complete uniform (blue coats faced with red) under the command of Capt. JAMES PEARSON, made a publick and martial appearance, to the entire approbation of the spectators, and fully evinced their accuracy in arms. Federal refreshment was liberally prepared for their reception, at the house of the Commander, and several publick spirited characters honoured them with repeated invitations, as a company, to dine. A number of gentlemen, we hear, are there forming into a Cadet Company, and from their prosperity already, we have reason to expect that the laudable undertaking will shortly be completed.

1. Reprinted: Pennsylvania Packet, 15 August.