908. Another Mechanick
Massachusetts Centinel, 23 July 1788

Mr. RUSSELL, The federal Constitution having been adopted by this Commonwealth, it is invidious to give the credit of this measure to any man, or particular class, or profession of men.

The quiescent spirit discovered by the minority of the late Convention, should serve as an example to excite all to a temper of union and cordiality. The mechanicks of this town have been united, heart and hand, in forwarding this good work; but have never arrogated to themselves the whole merit of influencing the GREAT DECISION—how far they were probably instrumental, may be a subject of discussion at a proper time—Suffice it to say at present, that the sham “Mechanick” in the Gazette of Friday, has excited some reflections upon the business, which no ways correspond with his sentiments—Some “coblers may go beyond the last” in caucussing, and fail in their object—but the mechanicks of this town mean to keep within their proper line—and whenever the peace, honour and safety of this country require it, they will not consider it as a deviation from that line to express their feelings and opinions at the Green Dragon again.