916. Samuel Freeman to George Thatcher
Portland, 7 August 1788 (excerpt)1

I heartily congratulate you—and our dear Country—on the adoption of the Fœderal Constitution by the State of New York—as well the other States

When we reflect on the commencement and process of this great Matter in its several parts the conduct of our Delegates, the termination of the debates in the several States—& on the glorious prospects that are before us—how do our Hearts swell with Joy—with Rapture—what thanks do we owe to those worthy Patriots who have plead our cause, especially what obligations are we under to that Great first Cause, who governs all ye Nations of the World who has in many Instances wonderfully appeard for this Country & whose hand must be acknowledged in this great Event—May we so behave ourselves as to merit (and then—I think—as a nation we shall still be favourd with) his protection. …

1. RC, J. S. H. Fogg Autograph Collection, MeHi.