931. Massachusetts Centinel, 10 September 17881


The Ship FEDERAL CONSTITUTION, after experiencing a long and dangerous voyage—having suffered much from the gales of faction, and on the quicksands of Jealousy—the Syllas and Charabdies of our coasts—and after, through the firmness of her crew, who were superiour to all embarrassments and storms, doubling the Cape in Good Hope of having speedily made an end of the voyage—notwithstanding she has long been in sight, has not yet been moored in the Harbour of Permanency, owing to the bickerings of the Branch Pilots, to whose direction she was two months since submitted—who cannot agree on what particular ground to cast anchor.—Thereby depriving the owners of the benefit of her cargo—exposing the property of the People to the dangers of the ocean of uncertainty, and suffering the revenue rats of individual States to devour the rightful income of the Continent.

1. Reprinted: Connecticut Courant, 15 September.