934. Independent Chronicle, 11 September 1788

Mess’rs ADAMS & NOURSE, A true federal correspondent would enquire of the false federal correspondent of the Centinel, whether the Hon. Mr. Adams would not have obtained “the greatest number of votes elsewhere,” had it not been for the “falshood” and “trick,” which was played off by his enemies. The Legislature chuses the federal Senators, and the Freemen of the Commonwealth, chuse the federal Representatives. In their choice “they will undoubtedly fix their eyes upon men of real federalism, of consistent and independent principles, who have judgment to discern, and spirit to pursue the best interests of their country.” “You will not find such men pledging themselves,” to oppose every alteration of the Constitution, which has been demanded by the Freemen of America; to oppose their adoption is “treason against the majesty of the people.” They have demanded their adoption, and conceded to the Constitution in its present form, only with a view of unanimity in the pursuit of necessary alterations. “Therefore we may safely repeat,” that all those who declare their opposition to amendments are “GUILTY OF TREASON AGAINST THE MAJESTY OF THE PEOPLE.”