942. Constitution
Massachusetts Centinel, 1 October 1788

Mr. RUSSELL, It appears by the southern papers that the antifederal junto of Pennsylvania are at their old game again—Notwithstanding they profess to be federal in their late publications, yet by carefully attending to names, we shall find they are the same set that opposed the adoption of the Constitution—“and can the Ethiopean change his skin, &c.”

There is a select number of similar geniuses in this Commonwealth, who never knew what would suit them. When we were destitute of a federal government, and all our continental concerns were at “loose ends,” these persons would talk of the necessity of giving powers to Congress—but when the impost was proposed and voted by a majority of the States, oh then we were going to sacrifice our liberties forsooth—and by the utmost wit and cunning the measure was finally defeated. When the federal Constitution came upon the carpet, they exerted themselves to nip it in the bud—but THE PEOPLE said they would have it adopted—and adopted it was, for they would confide in lying prophets no longer. At present these antifederal anarchiads, are trying a new manœuvre and under the specious, delusive idea of amendments or alterations, to the federal system, they intend to embarrass the operation of the continental government. Charity itself, cannot think more favourably of a set of men, let them pretend what they will—who have done nothing but throw impediments in the way, and hang as dead weights upon the business of forwarding the CONSTITUTION.