944. American Herald, 16 October 17881

On TUESDAY last, the Adoption of the FEDERAL CONSTITUTION by ELEVEN States, was celebrated in the ENGLISH School, that is kept in this Place, under the Tuition of Mr. BROWN, in the following Manner, viz.

A numerous Company, composed of the Proprietors, and Parents of the said School, and others being assembled, the Celebration was opened by the Delivery of a short, but elegant Introduction: After which, an ORATION was delivered by a Member of said School, in a lively, pathetic, and most animating Manner,—setting forth, the LIBERTY, POWER, JUSTICE, and HAPPINESS of UNITED COLUMBIA—the Necessity of, and the happy Effects that we may expect to derive from, the Federal Constitution. When the UNITED STATES were mentioned, Eleven young MISSES, were discovered to view, so dressed, and so arranged, as to render it difficult, for a few Moments, for the agreeably surprized Audience, to determine, whether they were the Effects of Nature, or Art. COLUMBUS, as the DISCOVERER, his MOST CHRISTIAN MAJESTY, as the ALLY, and GENERAL WASHINGTON, as the FATHER and PROTECTOR of UNITED COLUMBIA—were, by Proxies also, exhibited. The School, being mostly dressed in a neat Rifle Uniform, and wearing Federal Caps, were lastly discovered in the character of the rising Generation; the whole forming a most pleasing and expressive Appearance.—The Oration being concluded, Eleven Toasts were drank, those respecting General WASHINGTON, and his Most Christian MAJESTY, were attended with a Discharge of Musquetry and hearty Cheers.—FREEDOM to the PRESS—LIBERTY to the WORLD—and HAPPINESS to all MANKIND, with loud AMENS, closed the Celebration, which was began with an Order, carried on with a Propriety, and concluded with a Grace, equal to the Importance of the Object, and most forcibly impressive to the Minds of the Audience, of the animating Prospects of our rising Empire, and the Importance and happy Effects, of an early and Republican Education.

1. Reprinted in the Massachusetts Gazette, 17 October; Cumberland Gazette, 30 October (partial); and in five other newspapers by 6 November: N.H. (2), N.Y. (2), Pa. (1).