946. A Federalist
Massachusetts Centinel, 22 October 1788

Mr. RUSSELL, A writer, with the signature of ALFRED, in a late Worcester paper vauntingly asks, when speaking of the amendments proposed to the Constitution—“Did a HANCOCK introduce the propositions—Did ADAMS support them—Did the leaders in the Convention advocate, and agree to them, in order to obtain a vote?” I answer—YES—it was to ease the minds of gentlemen who did not rightly understand some articles of the Constitution—and thereby obtain a vote in its favour, that this proposition was introduced. To prove it let us hear what a reverend and worthy member of the Convention says on the subject—“Your Excellency” says he, “depressed with bodily infirmity, and exercised with severe pain, has stepped forth at the critical moment, and from the benevolence of your heart, presented us with a number of proposed amendments, in order, if possible, to quiet the minds of the gentlemen, in the opposition, and bring us together in amity and peace. Amendments which you, Sir, declare YOU DO NOT THINK NECESSARY, except for the SOLE PURPOSE of uniting us in a common, and most important cause.”

In the same speech this gentleman said—

“Viewing the Constitution in this light, I stand ready to give my vote for it WITHOUT ANY AMENDMENTS AT ALL. Yet if the amendments proposed by your Excellency will tend to CONCILIATION, I readily admit them, not as a condition of acceptance, but as a matter of recommendation only; knowing that, Blessed are the peace-makers.—I am ready, to submit my life, my liberty, my family, my property, and as far as my vote will go, the interest of my constituents, to THIS general government.”

But it is in vain to contend with such characters as ALFRED.—With them, AMENDMENTSaliasalterations—are only a stalking-horse of deception—the annihilation of the Constitution is their object:—They wish not to give it a fair trial—as they are convinced, that trial will demonstrate its superiour efficacy in eradicating the growing evils which now overshadow our country.